A comfortable bathroom is more important than we think. This is the room that we start and finish each day. That means that the style and color is a big factor in our over all attitude. When choosing a style, something soothing, calming, fun, or some combination of the three is a good idea. Vintage is a fun style for a bathroom, this style incorporates elements from design history in your bathroom. 

Bathroom Sinks

Many of the bathroom fixtures have vintage style in mind, especially many of the pedestal sinks available. Wall mounted sinks with stands or sinks that look like bowls are also good options for vintage bathrooms. Faucets have a wide range of options for keeping the sinks fun as well as practical. 


While many of the stand-alone tub styles work in a vintage bathroom, the claw-footed tub stands out as the star of this style. There is simply something elegant and fun about this style, and it brings so much character to the room. Pair up the tub with a lovely vintage tub-filler faucet for a lovely touch to finish the look.


Vintage style cabinet options range from using antique or antique style furniture for storage or choose cabinets that have the feel of furniture. If you are using a sink that is wall mounted or a pedestal, you can use a piece of furniture in your bathroom for storage and not build in your cabinets at all. You can also have these pieces built-in. Remember that when you attach your sink to a piece, it is always built-in. 


There are many choices for tile that works well with this style, even some that mimic wood floors beautifully. Natural stone is another beautiful option for flooring with this style. Keep in mind that real wood does not actually like being wet, but if you desire that look in your bathroom there are many waterproof look-a-likes available. 

Your bathroom is a big part of your life, and you deserve a fun and comfortable one. For more information about how to make the most of your bathroom design contact us. At Pelham & White, we have great tubs and faucets that go with the bathroom styles you love most.