Typical bathroom decor is usually just that-- typical. People tend to pick a theme of seashells or stripes, with neutral colors and just go with it.

Contrary to first thought though, we actually spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom each day. It's usually the first place we go in the morning, and often the last place we spend time in at night before heading off to bed. Why not give it the same attention you would the other rooms in your home? 

By incorporating nature and other organic elements in your bathroom, you can save yourself money, while also creating a place of peace and zen. 

Here are a few tips to get you started...


Greenery goes well with any decor. Not only will plants increase your bathroom's aesthetic quality, but they also clean the air, and provide a feeling of peace and tranquility. Bamboo, ferns, Aloe Vera, and Ivy are just a few of the many plants that will thrive in the bathroom, while complementing the space as well. 

Floral Arrangements

Florals can add a sophisticated touch to any space. Just pick what you like, place in a vase, and enjoy! 

Colored water in glass jars

Colored water is a beautiful way to add a unique touch to the bathroom, and also provides a calming feeling. 

Rocks placed in clear containers

Simple rocks, found lying outdoors are a very satisfying way to bring nature into the bathroom.

Colored sand and pebbles placed in wine bottles

Classy, soothing, and beautiful. Easily created and customized (by you) to suit your taste! 

Painted mason jars that tie your bathroom to the rest of your home

Spray painted glass mason jars that match or compliment the other decor in your home, is a great way to tie the bathroom to the rest of the house. Mason jars make great vases to hold floral arrangements, as well as making charming toothbrush holders, organizers, and storage for cutips, cotton balls, make-up, hair brushes, and more! 

Each of these solutions are very easy to achieve, and out-of-pocket expense is minimal.  

What are you waiting for? Get started creating your place for peace, today!