As you remodel or design your bathroom you are sure of one thing; you want a clawfoot tub. Like many who love to bathe in a tub, you want a comfortable one where you can relax, leave the stress of a busy day behind and get out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. One-size-fits-all models are not for you. With cast iron and acrylic tubs to choose from, which choice should you make?

Both cast iron and traditional acrylic tubs have their plus and minuses. On the plus side, cast iron is a solid long-lasting material. Cast iron has soundproofing capabilities meaning they fill quietly and offer a soothing atmosphere. On the negative side, they are colder, they chip more easily, are extremely heavy, and offer few options when it comes to molded shapes and variety of sizes.

Traditional acrylic tubs, give more flexibility when it comes to size and shapes. They are also warmer. However, unless construction includes fiberglass, they can feel flimsy and even hollow. They scratch and crack more easily, and can dull over time. Acrylic is much lighter than a cast iron tub but will not last nearly as long. 

However, you do have a third choice: Acrylicast tubs. Acrylicast tubs blend what is positive about cast iron and acrylic. The result: a perfect marriage. Here is why:

  • Our unique combination of premium acrylic, fiberglass resin, and composites creates a tub with a cast iron feel, durability, and strength but without all the weight. 
  • The above combination also helps in keeping the warmth where it should be; in the water.
  • Acrylicast tubs have a clean mirror-like, are stain and scratch resistant and easy to clean. 
  • Acrylicast tubs are built for a spa experience. Restorative baths begin with a tub that is of the right size for total body immersion that allows you to sit back and relax after a busy day. All this was accomplished by our innovative design team that simply sloped or widened the tub in all the right places.

If a clawfoot tub is in your future, we ask you to contact us so that we can further discuss the appeal of Acrylicast clawfoot tubs. Let us show you the many styles we offer so that you can soon start enjoying the benefits of your new tub.