If you’re the kind of person who likes old things and who also likes to keep your home casual, then you’re likely to gravitate towards vintage and shabby chic design and décor, even when it comes to bathrooms.

What exactly does this style of decoration include, you might wonder. We’ve all seen vintage and shabby chic homes but we’re hard-pressed to figure out what exactly the separate elements of this décor are. So here are some ideas:

Vintage Mirrors

Although vintage mirrors might not themselves be that good in terms of quality, the frames surrounding them fit into this style of décor very well. You’ll find wrought iron frames or frames made of other types of metal, especially the kind that have a patina on them. You can always get the frame and replace the mirror it’s holding for a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Clawfoot Tubs

These tubs always add a bit of personality to a bathroom, just like the vintage frames. The claw feet go along with the flora and fauna motif you’ll find in mirror frames, picture frames and any plants you might choose to scatter around the bathroom.

Distressed Paint

Distressed paint is a must-have for any vintage/shabby chic room, even a bathroom. The idea is to make the paint look like it’s been there for a while and naturally become distressed, just like distressed jeans. You can have distressed paint on the walls, in picture frames and on any other furniture you might have within a bathroom. Just remember to use the kind of paint that won’t disintegrate easily due to steam.

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