Having a luxurious bathroom in your home offers more than convenience for you and your family. Because of the amount of time spent in a bathroom, having a space that's comfortable and relaxing is a necessity. New bathroom trends emerge every few years. Stand-alone tubs have recently made a big comeback and look gorgeous in almost any home.

How to Choose a Tub that Matches your Home's Style:

Vintage Style -- One popular design trend in homes today involves using vintage items for a classic look. With this style, you'll want to choose a gorgeous clawfoot design for your tub. You'll look forward to a relaxing bath every night! Add a pedestal sink in the room for more vintage flair. With this style of bath, using neutral colors such as white, beige, or light gray on the walls will work best.

Contemporary Style -- The most common bathroom decor involves a layout that fits into a general style. However, common doesn't have to equate to boring. Install a swanky pedestal tub in your bathroom for a great look. You can design the area to stand out even more by using a bold paint color or even stacked stone behind the tub. Leave the rest of the colors in the room neutral. A raised vanity sink will create additional interest and distinction.

Modern Style -- For a modern look in your bathroom, consider a large freestanding tub. This type of bathtub attracts attention with its sleek design. You should use a minimalist decor style throughout the room to keep the tub as a focal point. A floating vanity works great in a modern design, and no modern bathroom is complete without a smart toilet to meet all of your personal needs.

A tub should never become an afterthought in a bathroom. For a bathing experience that's extravagant and pure luxury, your tub is the first consideration. For more information on bathroom trends and tub styles, please contact us today.