So you're ready to remodel your bathroom. There are some things you should remember when you begin this project. The bathrooms in older homes are often small. You should choose the best quality cabinets and fixtures in colors and styles you like, because you won't remodel very often. You need to find a contractor you can trust to do the work, and allow a little extra in your remodel budget for the unexpected. This is the time to make your bathroom into the room that will energize your mornings and relax you after a hard day.

The first thing to focus on is space, and most bathrooms are small. If you have closets or little used rooms next to the bathroom, you could increase the size of your room. If you can't add space otherwise, consider a sliding barn door which is sometimes called a rail door. This will eliminate the dead space created by the door swing. Minimize the size of your vanities and look for other places to add needed cabinets to increase your functional space. If you're working with the master bathroom, consider the en suite idea of letting some or all of the bathroom blend into the bedroom space. Some of the designers using this concept take the divider wall between the bedroom and bathroom out altogether. When you plan for your tub, be sure you have at least a little room all the way around the tub, so that your bathroom won't end up feeling cramped. 

You will want to take care with the choices you make for fixtures and cabinets. If possible, look for a custom cabinet shop with a good reputation in your area. Custom cabinets are made for your bathroom to the exact size you need, and work well at making the most of your space. A plumbing supply store with a showroom is a good place to go ask questions and choose fixtures you can trust. They might even be willing to suggest a good contractor.

Before you hire a contractor, ask how long they have been in business and get their contractor's license number. Then check with Contractor's License Board and the Better Business Bureau that the contractor does not have a bad rating. No rating is not a bad thing especially with an established contractor, as most people only report problems. Be sure the contractor you are hiring is insured, as this protects you in the case of problems. 

At Pelham & White, we take pride in offering you the best quality stand alone tubs. For more ideas on how to add a lovely stand alone bathtub to your bathroom remodel plan contact us.