Bathroom redesign of vintage motif is growing in popularity. From Bohemian to Shabby Chic, Victorian to Mid-Century Retro, designers are returning style to our washrooms. Freestanding, clawfoot, and pedestal bathtubs are the heart of this vintage trend, and acrylic affords us all of the elegance, without the inconvenience of cast iron.

Lighten Your Load

Acrylicast tubs marry modernized production with substance, crafted of acrylic and fiberglass resin, with a center chamber containing a cement-resembling filler. Shedding the weight of a traditional cast iron tub, Acrylicast tubs are still authentically substantial while reducing the manpower required to muscle them into place. 

Bring on the Heat and Keep It

Heat loss is the bane of traditional cast iron tubs. Energy is wasted from the moment you turn on the tap. Heat is transferred from your bath water to prime the metal and porcelain and continues to be leached out by the un-insulated materials. Ensuring that you save energy, the surface of an Acrylicast tub is warm and inviting from the start, needing less hot water to achieve your ideal bathing temperature. Additionally, the composite filler material insulates and maintains the temperature longer, so you won't find yourself frustrated and shivering in a tepid bath.

Sing the Praises of Superior Surface While You Soak

The EnduraClean surface of Acrylicast vintage tubs is durability reinvented. This high-gloss, bright white, innovative acrylic finish resists stains, chipping, and cracking, unlike the porcelain surface of cast iron tubs. Anti-microbial, non-fading, and non-reactive to sunlight, the EnduraClean acrylic surface ensures your time is spent luxuriating in your tub instead of scrubbing and repairing it.

If you want to incorporate the elegance of a vintage tub into your bathroom design scheme, the burden of moving and maintaining cast iron no longer weighs you down. Contact Pelham & White for more information on which of our acrylic luxury bathtubs is right for you. Whatever vintage design you have in mind, we'll have you soaking in style in no time.