Many people opt for styles of interior decoration which are in fashion without stopping to consider whether those styles are right for them. Maybe designers are currently popularizing a modern style of decoration. But if you’re not a streamlined, minimalist person, don’t decorate your house in this way.

A house has to match your personality. And this means you need to think about what you like. Who are you? What would be comfortable for you? What would you like to look at day after day? Obviously, this process requires a lot of soul-searching and you have to “know thyself,” as the oracle at Delphi says.

Incorporating Plants into Bathroom Design

One of the things that serves to make a home more “homey” is incorporating plants and other organic elements into your interior design. Plants make a great addition, not just for your entrance, your living room or your window boxes but also your bathrooms.

The fresh smell of a plant can be relaxing and refreshing as you take a bath. But how do you fit a plant into a bathroom? Do you just litter them all over, in pots of different shapes and sizes? Do you hang them from the ceiling? Do you place them at the windows? These are all great options. You can also place a stand which contains space for 3-4 pots in one corner of your bathroom.

Another thing you should make sure of is that the plants that need sunlight are placed closer to the window while the ones that prefer shade are further inside.

Leaving Pathways in Your Bathroom

You do, however, need to be careful to make sure that you’re not overdoing it. You don’t want plants to be strewn all over your bathroom and getting in your way. You need to have some space available to walk around, get into your bath, sit at your vanity etc.

Incorporating Other Organic Elements into Bathroom Design

Besides plants, you can also have fresh flowers in your bathroom. These will always serve to brighten up your space. Pots of grass, ceramic pots and paintings of plants, flowers and landscapes are some other options to decorate your bathroom.

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