If you love rustic, country, or farmhouse decor with a modern flair, making the perfect choices for your bathroom sometimes becomes a challenge. When designing your space, you want modern finesse, but you want it incorporated into a comfortable, classic, and elegant setting that matches your home's design style. You can achieve this by adding just a few special pieces to your bathroom.

Bathtub -- The focal point of any bathroom is the tub. Nothing looks more elegant in a modern farmhouse than a gorgeous clawfoot tub. You can choose a straight back to reflect a more contemporary design or a high back for an unmatched, vintage charm. Chrome or brushed nickel feet add a clean and stunning look and come in styles from ball-and-claw feet to cannonball feet. Place a round, glass table with two or three levels next to your tub to hold folded towels, bars of soap, bath oils, or other items to complete the look and functionality of your tub area.

Sink -- To complement your clawfoot bathtub, you'll want a sink that looks classic. For a small space, consider installing an elegant pedestal sink. Choose a faucet and knobs that will match the feet on your tub for the best look. For a larger space, you can opt for a vanity that looks like a lovely vintage cabinet with a marble countertop. To combine a traditional look with modern design, consider installing a white, raised sink that resembles a wash basin. To complete your vanity, a cabinet with white wood will look nice or try a natural stain if you want to break up the white. For more color, you can try painting the cabinet a soft green or even a peach color and then add accessories to match.

Miscellaneous Additions -- If you want even more modern farmhouse charm, have beadboard installed halfway up on one or more walls in your bathroom. This paneling was popular in the 1920s and has reemerged as a favorite decorator choice for many homeowners. White floor tiles with gray veins or specks of black will balance the entire appearance of your bathroom. Natural wood or tile that looks like natural wood is also an excellent choice for flooring.

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