Bath time is truly one of life's pleasures... your chance to be alone and escape the pressures of the outside world. Many busy people look forward to those moments when they can soak away the cares of the day.

You can maximize the mental and physical benefits of this important re-balancing time by incorporating special scents.  Whether you use essential oils, bath salts, or candles, you can select scents based on what you need in the moment. 

If deep relaxation is what you seek, try lavender, vanilla, or bergamot. These will quiet the mind and help you wind down to prepare for that all-important sleep. 

For a renewed sense of focus and mental clarity, try Rosemary, which is believed to be a potent mental stimulant. Most people choose baths at night, but a soak with this scent makes a lovely start to your day, so give it a try first thing! 

Need an overall spirit lift? Chamomile can enhance your sense of well-being and has a delightfully subtle scent. It also combines well with many other scents, so it's rather versatile. 

When you've had one of those "non-stop" days and it's time to regain some composure, ylang ylang is both calming and focusing, and may even help alleviate headaches.

For a sinus-clearing and detoxifying effect, reach for eucalyptus and mint. This combination also has mood-boosting effects, so prepare to smile! 

Finally, for a more invigorating brand of stress relief, use citrus scents, ginger, or clove - or a medley of these. After just a few deep breaths, you'll begin to feel energized and prepared to re-engage with the world. 

These and other scents can enhance the enjoyment of your bath, so collect a few scents and soak your way to your preferred mindset... starting today.  

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