An extra bathroom or larger bathroom can better accommodate guests or make morning routines easier. Bathroom remodels increase a home's value, too. Add a bathroom upstairs or in the attic to turn it into a guest suite.

According to <a href="">Home Advisor</a>, bath remodels typically cost between $5,564 to $13,217. Nationally the average cost is $9,390. You can save money, time and headaches by following these <a href="">upstairs bathroom remodeling tips</a>.

<ul><li>Locate the upstairs bathroom directly above the downstairs one. This lets you tap into the existing plumbing so you can save time, money and materials.</li><li>Check local building code first. Most require at least half of the finished attic area reach a minimum height and width of seven feet with a total minimum of 70 square feet to qualify to add a bathroom.</li><li>Ensure existing attic floor joists can handle the weight of heavy bathroom fixtures. If not, your contractor will need to replace the joists before beginning on the bathroom.</li><li>Make sure it all fits. Your favorite tub may fit in the bathroom itself, but not through the attic door. Measure all doors and halls that materials need to pass through before purchasing fixtures. Otherwise, you may end up needing to enlarge doorways, too, to get materials inside the workspace.</li><li>Add dormers or a skylight to increase the headroom.</li><li>Blow in spray foam roof insulation before installing the bathroom's ceiling in an attic bathroom. It blocks heat gain and loss better, and takes up less space.</li><li>Install a ceiling fan. Since hot air rises, a ceiling fan helps circulate the air in an upstairs bathroom, keeping it cooler in warm months.</li><li>Smaller footprint fixtures such as a fiberglass claw-foot tub provide comfortable bathing experiences, decorating impact and weigh less.</li>

A bathroom remodel done right can enhance your home's beauty, value and convenience. You can make your remodel quicker and easier to accomplish by working with your contractor from the planning stages of your upstairs bathroom. When you're ready to choose your fixtures, contact Pelham and White for the latest designs of the highest quality.