If you're craving more couple time, the solution could be as close as your own bathroom. Connect with each other for a cozy and romantic spa night at home.

Make it luxurious: Wear long plush robes and soft slippers. Serve something to drink and munch on, whether it's green tea and mango slices or champagne and smoked salmon. Play gentle instrumental music, and set out fresh flowers and candles. Splurge on a heated towel rack or just warm up your towels in the dryer.

Take a long soak: Unwind together in a bathtub big enough for two. If that doesn't work, take turns. Add soothing bath oils or bath bombs. Read poetry or reminisce about your first date.

Try a close shave: It's much more fun and exciting to have someone else shave your face or legs for a change. Make sure you've got the right equipment, and ask for instructions or watch an online video first if you need help avoiding cuts or irritation.

Exchange manicures and pedicures: Hands and feet are highly sensitive, and you'll remember your special night each time you look at your nails. Keep it simple or use a fun color on your toes that only you two will see.

Massage each other: Give your partner a rubdown. You can make it full body or just their feet and hands. Set up a massage table in your bathroom or spread a towel out on your bed.

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