The modern minimalist bathroom style is one of simplistic beauty and quiet elegance. The key elements include clean lines and simple accents. Wall hung sinks or floating vanities are a basic part of this style, often coupled with mirrors that are usually smaller with shapes to accent the room. The best tubs for this bathroom are either a freestanding or a pedestal model. These bring in the clean simple lines of this style. 

Colors for this style are usually black, white, and gray. The basic colors add to the open elegance of the room. Cabinets are a must, because you want to hide all unnecessary clutter in this room. As the vanities are floating or non-existent, look to the edges of the room to add tall cabinets. Or add them as accent pieces to areas near the sinks, tub, and shower. 

Floating shelves near the vanity and the tub are also good with this style. If you have enough light, this is a good style for adding some houseplants. If you keep them proportional to the space and few in number, they will add aesthetic value to the room. Candles are an especially lovely accent for this room, but keep them in mind when you plan your shelves. They need places with nothing too close above them. 

The purpose in modern minimalist is the keep the room simple to add a calming effect to your bathroom. With this thought in mind, keep an eye on your space when you choose your colors. A larger room is good for any color scheme, and will look good with darker shades. A smaller room with feel like it shrunk if you make your colors too dark. 

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