There is a soothing feeling you get when you are in a natural place that you can capture and bring into your home. This is the perfect answer to the rush of your modern life, allowing you to relax and find that sense of calm that is so important to your well-being. A spa atmosphere starts with natural materials, light colors, and lots of light. Natural wood and stone make the aesthetic background of your spa bathroom. Open design is important, with lots of natural light. Frosted glass, plantation shutters, or light curtains work well for this to add the extra privacy you need for a bathroom.

Natural stone tile is an excellent choice for a floor. If you prefer a wood floor, consider a porcelain or vinyl tile that looks like wood without the water issues. Another idea for wood floors is applying a good sealant over the wood so the water cannot cause problems. This sealant will have to be redone from time-to-time to maintain your floor and keep it watertight. 

There is nothing more soothing than a long soak in a hot bath, but you don't want your spa bathroom ruined by a cramped feeling. A stand alone tub is the ultimate of luxury, but you need to choose one that has space all around it. Take a look at the space you have for the tub and subtract about six inches from the length of the space, this is a good guide for your maximum length of your tub. This will ensure you maintain a calming ambiance. 

Consider using stone wall tiles. If you feel like this is too much stone, you could use them on one wall for a focal point, perhaps behind your beautiful stand alone bathtub.  Keep the colors of your stone features similar for a soothing effect or use the same stone in more than one place for a more unified look. Contrasting the wood features with the stone makes a lovely effect that will bring out the soothing touches of your room, such as light-colored wood cabinets with a darker granite counter, or darker stained wood with a light quartz counter. Keep in mind the amount of natural light you have and the size of the room. The brighter and larger your room the more it will stand up to darker features, and the smaller or darker your room the more you want to emphasis the light colors.

Be sure to include enough cabinet space in your spa bathroom to keep the room neat and organized. Nothing spoils the calming effects of a space like clutter. Natural finished wood cabinets bring an added touch to your spa bathroom, or emphasize the wood by using a painted cabinet with natural finished doors and drawers. This creates the look of a frame around your wood, helping it to stand out. You can top your cabinets with granite or quartz countertops for a finished look. Many bathroom cabinets today have open shelves under the vanity, and this makes a great place for wicker baskets for rolled towels other items you want to keep handy.  

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