If you don't know what a transitional bathroom is, it's the perfect combination of modern and traditional bathroom styles. With clean lines and a comforting atmosphere, transitional bathrooms will definitely wow your guests. With classic color schemes and beautifully natural flooring and counters, pedestal tubs fit right in.

Pedestal tubs are beautiful and elegant, with qualities that are similar to the traditional clawfoot tub, but with the appeal of a modern or contemporary tub. They're great for soaking, relaxing, and enjoying your tub time. Instead of the classic claw feet, the tub has a pedestal in between the tub and the floor, creating those clean lines that fit right in to transitional bathrooms. They can be the centerpiece of the room, or you can tuck it away in a corner. There's no need to put these tubs against the wall, since these tubs are designed to sit away from walls. That's one of the great things about these tubs - you can put them anywhere! (Within the limits of your plumbing situation, of course.) 

The subtle beauty of the tubs come from the smooth lines and traditional look of the tub. They usually range from about 60 to 70 inches long, and come in a variety of shapes including double-ended designs (both ends are rounded), or slipper style (one end is extended and sloped). Both styles are made to ensure the consumers comfort. They're incredibly reliable and are usually made out of acrylic; a light material, making them easier to move and install. Traditionally, they were made out of cast iron and coated in porcelain, which was super heavy and harder to install. 

At Pelham and White, we have three different pedestal tub collections: Mendham 60" pedestal tub, Crestmont 67" pedestal tub, and Eastchester 72" pedestal tub, each with two styles to choose from. If pedestal tubs just aren't what you're looking for, we offer several other types of designs such as clawfoot and freestanding. Either way, Pelham and White will have your bathroom looking luxurious and elegant! Contact us for more information.