If you've had a chance to look through our portfolio of tub faucets, you probably noticed they are either chrome or nickel plated. What you might not have noticed is that underneath that warm nickel or cool chrome plating lies a foundation of brass. There are very good reasons for this:

  • Brass is corrosion resistant. Chlorides and water-softening chemicals have little effect on it. 
  • Brass is durable and lasts a very long time. And it's almost never thrown away. Used brass is completely recyclable. 
  • Brass conducts heat extraordinarily well. Hot water stays hot all the way to the tub.
  • Brass is ductile, meaning it can be molded into intricate shapes without cracking or breaking. Think of all those brass figurines of exotic Hindu gods or brass instruments like tubas or French horns. 
  • Brass is bactericidal, meaning it kills microorganisms, definitely a feature you'd want in your bathroom.  
  • Brass is beautiful in it's own right, whether antiqued to a green, brown or red finish, burnished (which hardens it) or lacquered which gives it that bright, golden, brassy (some might say too brassy) finish.

So why cover all that potential beauty with nickel or chrome?

For better or worse, brass tarnishes over time in humid conditions. Some people like the look and even encourage it. Others find it unattractive. In the case of lacquered brass, the lacquer wears away unevenly leaving black spots behind. The only cure for tarnish is repeated cleaning and polishing or complete replacement, both unacceptable outcomes as far as our company is concerned.   

So Pelham & White fixtures are plated. The brass lies underneath. But you can see it's versatility in the variety of tub fillers we offer in both vintage and contemporary designs. As you might already have concluded, the choices are close to mind-boggling. Contact us to help you make an inspired selection.