Turn your bathroom into a luxurious bathing area and a coveted place to relax after a hectic day by installing a contemporary freestanding bathtub. These larger-than-average tubs add a modern aesthetic to any bathroom. To increase the tub's appeal even further, make it the focal point of your bathroom by surrounding it with gorgeous features.

Create an accent wall adjacent to your freestanding tub. Opt to paint the wall a bold color. Leave it bare to highlight the area or hang live plants on it to incorporate a touch of nature in the room. Another stylish option is to cover the wall with a neutral-colored stacked stone to add texture and interest. For a genuinely glamorous appearance, have a professional hang a stunning-looking slab of granite on the wall. You could also put up horizontal wooden planks on the wall as an accent.

Another way to add style and glamour to your freestanding tub is to hang an elegant crystal chandelier over it. The crystal will sparkle in the bathroom light and create a dazzling display. Choose a chandelier that combines the crystals with chrome or nickel accents to match the hardware in your tub. Don't forget to install a dimmer switch so that you can control the amount of light in the room.

Lastly, set a cart or small shelving unit next to your freestanding tub with all the luxuries -- fluffy towels, bath beads, oils, and anything else that you might need. You'll have everything right within reach. Select one made of natural wood for an organic look or something made of shiny metal with glass shelving for a more modern flair. A cart or unit with two to three shelves works best, so it doesn't take up too much space in the room.

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