For homes with a large master bathroom, more options exist for placement of a tub than in smaller spaces. To create a chic bathroom design, consider placing a clawfoot, pedestal, or some other type of freestanding tub in an unexpected location in the room.

Between the Sinks – For bathrooms with dual sinks, you can separate the vanities and install a gorgeous clawfoot tub between them. Place the bathtub vertically instead of horizontally between each vanity for a genuinely unique appearance. For modern decor, choose cannonball feet for your tub in chrome or nickel. For a vintage look, select a traditional design with clawed feet. For an even more luxurious design, opt for a high-backed tub or stay with reciprocal curves for a sleek look.

Paired with Shower – If you have enough space, you should consider installing a large, frameless shower with a depth equal to the length of a tub. On the outer side of the enclosure, install a wall that is tub height and tiled in a beautiful marble or granite. The rest of that side of the shower will consist of glass. Then place a gorgeous pedestal tub along that tiled wall to pair the shower and tub together. The plinth base of the bathtub will add style and elegance to your design and will turn your shower and tub area into a focal point in the room.

Center of Bathroom – To create a spa-like appearance in your bathroom, install a freestanding tub in the center of the room. You can place it directly on the tile flooring or atop a low platform. For the ultimate luxury, select a bathtub that's large enough for two people, which will create a romantic getaway right in your home. This type of tub design and layout creates a modern look that will awe you and your spouse at first sight. You'll want to soak in your fabulous freestanding tub every night.

When designing your bathroom, you don't need to settle for the typical appearance seen in most homes. Create a distinctive look that will make your bathroom stand out from others with an elegant tub placed in a unique location. For more information about bathtubs and bathroom design, please contact us today.