Your home is an extension of yourself. It accommodates your needs and desires. It appeals to your tastes and preferences. When visitors come over, it provides them with a more tangible and visible illustration of who you are as a person. It is for this reason that, when you update its interior, you should really know your options. You should see what is available on the market and what is trending. This is especially true for your bathroom. This is a space where you want comfort, cleanliness, efficiency, and effectiveness. Everything from the light fixtures to the toilet to the shower head should provide you with the best, both in appearance and in use. The following breaks down the latest trends in a very important part of your bathroom--the toilet:

Bidets: Bidets have been around the world for decades. They have been used in many countries. The United States, though, never really embraced them—until now. Manufacturers in the states realized that while individuals and families felt that bidets often took up too much space in the bathroom, they did appreciate their benefits. That is why they have now taken to combining toilets and bidets into one unit. And people are loving it. This new bathroom piece is taking off and can be found in many newly renovated or built bathrooms. 

Wall Hung Toilets: For any home that is aiming for a more modern look, one of the hottest trends is wall hung toilets. They are unequivocally the most modern toilet available today. And there are plenty of benefits to them besides their appearance. They tend to be much easier to clean because all of the outer facing parts are simple to get to. They also are more digitally friendly, which is great for those who are embracing smart homes. They have different settings and functions that very few traditional toilets offer. And then there is the space factor. Because the toilet does not need to be weighted and balanced in a certain way, significant space in the bathroom can be saved. 

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