Bathrooms date homes. The sinks, the faucets, the toilets, and more all show when a house was built. With a quick update, however, these years can be reduced. Here are a few of the latest trends that you can harness to make your bathroom and home look a lot younger:

Undermount Sinks: For years pedestal sinks and vessel sinks have been the popular choice for bathrooms. But in recent months demand for these bathroom sinks has begun to decline. And this trend is expected to continue. Instead, many individuals and families are opting for undermount sinks, especially ones with a trough basin. The benefit of this type of sink is the increased flow it gives to the room. Instead of a sink distinctively standing out from other features in the bathroom, an undermount sink provides a more continuous flow from the bathroom wall to the bathroom counter and on into the sink. 

Different Faucets: For many years there was a limited number of styled faucets. Most homes had similar faucets for their bathroom sinks and similar ones for their bathtubs and showers. This is no longer the case. And this variety is not just limited to the style, color, or material used, although the variety in each of those categories is growing.

The diversity in faucets is now going to be seen in where in the sink, tub or shower they are placed and how they work. Many will be turned on with interesting and more ergonomic methods. The newer faucets allow for users to select temperature and flow level more precisely. Instead of being blasted with cold water immediately, homeowners can slowly turn the water on so that it only reaches full blast when it is at the desired temperature. And then there are the digital faucets, allowing users to press a few buttons, to slide their hand in front of a sensor, or even to simply touch the faucet to turn it on and off.

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