You do not have to move houses to get that new house feeling when you walk in from work every day. With a few minor updates to various rooms, your home will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. A great place to start is in the bathroom. 

Black, Gold, And Rose Gold: Stainless steel is the gold standard when it comes to bathroom fixtures. There is no competition. It is simply unbeatable in quality and appearance. However, the look of stainless steel in the bathroom is changing. Many fixture manufacturers are offering updated options in different colors. Over the next few years, popularity is going to soar in stainless steel that is black, gold and rose gold. Consumers are going to have options where a black stainless steel faucet has a beautiful rose gold trim around it. They are going to see soap holders that are gold with black embellishments. And beyond just the color, there will be different hues and finishes so that individuals can choose whether they want a shinier look or a more matte appearance. 

Lighted Mirrors: Lighted mirrors have been around for many years. Women and men have used them to get a better look at their face, more effectively trim their beards, and more precisely apply makeup. However, for a long time these mirrors were just small vanity mirrors that could be plugged into the wall, unplugged, folded up, and slid into a draw. Now, more and more renovations are seeing LED lights integrated into wall mirrors. It provides a cleaner look in bathrooms and better light for a bigger space. Lights on the walls and ceilings cast harsh shadows that can create difficulty when grooming and primping and with lighted mirrors this problem disappears. 

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