Can a modern bathroom have a clawfoot tub? The answer is a resounding YES. Let the beauty of your modern bath really shine with a tub that becomes a focal point; the statement piece. With the many styles we offer, you are sure to find a clawfoot tub that will work beautifully with your modern decor. Top that with our use of quality materials and your tub will be enjoyed for as long as you are in your home.

Modern design is known for its clean look, but within it, there are choices of materials and colors. Geometric designs on floors or walls are one way a bathroom can be updated to a modern look. Flooring featuring chevron or herringbone patterns and hexagon patterned tile walls are making a splash.  Also making a strong showing is the use of shiny subway tiles, natural stone, bricks, and glass tiles. Colors are usually subtle or may feature one strong pop of color. A popular trend is to have furniture pieces incorporated into the bathroom such as a carved bench and cabinets. But often there is an added softness. The designer may throw in a flowing countertop, curved shower fixtures, a round light fixture and yes, a curvy tub. So modern is not just sharp lines, but curved ones too, as seen in a clawfoot tub.

Clawfoot tub design has come a long way, not just in design but in materials that assure you of comfort, quality, and beauty. Our timeless collection of clawfoot tubs will easily enhance your modern bathroom. The curves will add the softness, the bright white will add the sparkle, and our various designs and amazing construction will add the luxury you desire in your modern bath.

Additionally, along with the classic ball and claw feet design on our tubs, we also offer feet in a more modern cannonball style. All feet designs are available in both nickel and chrome.

Modern meets traditional in a most elegant way in all our collections. Contact us to discuss in detail what we have to offer. We are sure you will be enjoying a luxurious bath in your modern bathroom in no time.