A bathroom doesn't always need to look stark and angular to fit a contemporary style. You can create a gorgeous, up-to-date bath with soft curves by using a vintage influence integrated with modern design for a stylish look.

You'll want to start with a beautiful and sophisticated claw-foot tub as your focal point. To fit in with contemporary decor, select a design with cannonball-style feet in brushed nickel. Combine this with a brushed nickel faucet for a fabulous, modern look.

Next, choose a sleek white vanity with an oval-shaped top in a chic granite or quartz. The oval countertop will perfectly match the graceful curves of your tub for an elegant look. Opt for a brushed nickel faucet, drawer pulls, and knobs to match the tub's hardware and to add more contemporary flair.

A dark, high-quality tile -- designed to resemble wood -- for the flooring will add a lavish and expensive appearance to your modern bathroom. Contrasting the light color of your tub with the dark floor will showcase your claw-foot tub even more. However, if you prefer a lighter option for your flooring, marble is always a stunning-looking choice in any home and will coordinate well with the stylish appearance of the tub.

To infuse more color into your bathroom, choose an attractive tile for your shower walls. You can even mix hues for a more interesting mosaic look. Consider using a mosaic on the wall where your faucet and shower head are. Then use a solid color on the remaining walls. Modern shower colors that go beyond neutrals include sea-foam green, turquoise, and even deep purple.

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