Today's bathroom remodels tend toward a modern look. This airy, efficient design doesn't just make a room feel bigger, it provides more room. The word modern may call up the jutting, angular lines of modern art, but that's not the modern building aesthetic.

Modern Basics

A modern look for a bathroom uses minimalist features like a freestanding sink and tub. It uses contrasting design colors, such as black and white. If desired, a designer may add small special touches like a chevron pattern as a wall border. Shapes tend toward angles and gentle curves. A subtle mix eases the severity of modern design while retaining its austerity. Texture choices consist of chrome, nickel-plated brass, slate, glass, porcelain and acrylic.

Fixture Choices

Your modern bathroom won't have such sharp angles that it hurts to sit down. Most choices hearken back to a vintage era, but applied in a new way.

A mix of gentle angles and curves begins with your sink. Make more room using a pedestal sink. The angled pedestal and graceful curve of the oval basin provides an ideal example of modern design. When designing a full bath, choose a freestanding tub, such as a clawfoot tub. They come with more than claws now. Cannonball style feet provide the curve that a modern look needs while the tub gently angles to a large oval. The toilet, and optional bidet, may follow the oval choice or choose a square lidded design.

Choose towel knobs or ring towel hangers to provide a handy spot for hand drying. Rectangular, round or square lighting fixtures round out the look.

The modern interior design dates back to the early 20th century. Although it gained greatest popularity during the post-World War Nordic, its form and function remains up-to-date. Contact Pelham and White for the perfect fixtures for your modern bath.