When clawfoot tubs first appeared in the 19th century they were considered a thing of luxury, a status symbol. At a time when just having an indoor bathroom was in itself a luxury, adding a clawfoot was something to behold. 

Step forward into the 21st century. Over time, styles have come and styles have gone, but the clawfoot has remained. As with all classics, there are tweaks, improvements or adjustments, but they never go out of style. While the classic tub of yesteryear remains, today's version not only has seen major improvements but is an item to behold in a modern bath.

The Pelham & White clawfoot tub uses modern technology that brings the Victorian tub into the modern world. Past issues such as chipping, scratching, quickly cooling water and an overly heavy tub are long gone. Pelham & White's innovations have created the best materials in the business that keeps warmth in the tub so you can enjoy a long spa-like soak. These materials create a lighter tub with a glistening white surface that will not chip, is scratch resistant, and makes clean up a breeze.

If you are still not convinced that this tub with its nod to the past will fit into your modern design, we invite you to look at what Pelham & White offers. In addition to a wide choice of sizes, there are a variety of tub and feet styles. Each tub offers gently sloping lines, soft curves, and simple elegance that will become the showstopper of your modern bathroom.

Luxury is not a thing of the past but very much in the present. Enjoy the modern luxury of a clawfoot tub in your home. It all starts by contacting us and letting our staff work with you.