A soothing, hot bath is a form of mediation. It helps reclaim peace of mind, relaxes stiff muscles and recharges the spirit, resetting our overall sense of well-being. This reset is a vital tool to keeping us focused and content when we are out in the over-stimulating world of 2018.

Creating a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom is easy and it will save you money on trips to the day spa. Zen temples are all about a simple, minimalist environment. Zen art draws us in with very simple subjects; an empty boat on a still pond, a smooth black stone amid a sea of white sand. Make your bathroom a work of Zen art in itself.

The essential element in a spa bathroom is a deep spa tub. A free-standing tub with its contemporary, clean lines sets the tone for a modern sanctuary. contact us Floor mounted tub fillers take the hardware out of the tub, allowing for maximum space inside. Recline your head without hardware jabbing your skull.

Unlike shower/tub combinations set in at the end of the bathroom, free-standing tubs allow you more freedom when placing bathroom accessories. Set drinks, towels and candles within easy reach with a few garden stools placed around the tub. If the initial placement doesn't work you can move them around.

Also essential when creating a spa bathroom is to engage all the senses.

Visual: Many people experiencing migraine get relief from covering their eyes. Spas use low lighting because it evokes a sense of calm. Candles placed at different levels, on the floor, on small tables, and on floating wall shelves will enhance a relaxing environment.

Aromatherapy: Keep essential oils near the tub in a decorative bowl. Consider alabaster, marble, bamboo or clear glass. Add an essential oil or two to a steaming bath while the bowl provides a focal point, taking you to a deeper state of calm. Peppermint and lavender oils will rid you of a stress headache.  Known for its antifungal properties, lemon oil will clear your head, help you regain balance and focus and clean the air with its fresh scent. Eucalyptus oil after an outdoor workout will open sinuses. Geranium oil leaves one feeling refreshed. Whatever scent you choose, essential oils encourage deep, cleansing breaths.

Sound: Whether you choose a fountain bubbling nearby, Tibetan monks chanting softly through a custom sound system, or chimes gently clanging in the breeze outside (or inside) a set of French doors, sound is imperative in promoting a harmonious environment.

Taste: Depending on what you need from your bath, set a glass of relaxing wine, cup of hot chamomile tea or a cool glass of refreshing, mint-infused lemonade within reach.

Reap the benefits of a visit to the spa without the cost. Whether you prefer modern free-standing or vintage claw foot style, with the right tub as your centerpiece, you can create the perfect spa atmosphere in your bathroom.

Contact today. Let us help you create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.