Clean architectural lines, basic geometric shapes, and a simple color palette are often indicative of modern design. Nowadays, there is a major resurgence of modern design elements and its popularity is steadily growing. Building from a modern template is easy when you add the right pieces to enhance the simplicity of the structures around you. But when you have a simple canvas to work with, you don't always need to stick to the same simple structures.

On the contrary, adding classic and vintage inspired pieces can be soothing and will prevent your space from appearing too stark and drab. Since bathrooms are used for much more than washing and bathing, thought and care should be put into the space. Because you will often be using your bathroom to relax and unwind, you will want the most serenity out of your experience. Start by adding a few classic vintage design elements that will break up an otherwise overly simplistic space, and you are well on your way to creating your dream bathroom.

Our vast variety of clawfoot tubs, such as the Dalton model with vintage style cannonball feet, will be pivotal in adding a surprise of elegance to your modern bathroom. The classic white tub is well within the ability to coordinate effortlessly with your chosen color palette, and is available in a variety of hardware finishes such as chrome, polished chrome, and brushed nickel. Select a chrome hardware finish and matching faucet set to best coordinate with the modern fixtures already present in your bathroom.  

In nature there are many bold geometric shapes and forms, and, on the contrary, a multitude of harmonic forms that have supple curves and softness. These forms all coexist to create harmony and balance. For example, imagine a typical leaf that you'd find on a rose. The lines that reach outward from the middle of the stem are more or less straight. But eventually, they all reach out to meet a curved outer line. Rounded, soft lines in your bathroom will mimic the contrast of shapes and lines that you see in nature. A classic clawfoot tub with a touch of curve will be the juxtaposing piece your modern bathroom needs to create luxury and sophistication.

A bathtub reminiscent of the past is sure to be the most attractive centerpiece of the room. Your eyes will glide over the gentle oval curves of your new Pelham & White tub and be met with pleasant ease. Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives that will guide you through the process of finding your perfect clawfoot tub.