With modern design constantly changing, updating and remodeling can be a daunting task. We often achieve a certain look, only for it to be out of style within a few short years. 

With our timeless clawfoot bathtubs though, outdated style becomes a worry of the past! We invite you to take a look at what sets us apart from the others. 

With several different styles and sizes to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect clawfoot bathtub to enhance and compliment any taste or style. 

Whether your fancy is rustic, classic, shabby-chic, vintage, or anything in between, our clawfoot tub fits perfectly into any decor. Mixing old with new is always a great option. When choosing a tub, we encourage people to consider the fact that not only will their tub be used to relax and unwind in, but will also be a beautiful focal point for years to come, offering added charm to their bathroom space.

We aren't going out of style! There is a reason that the clawfoot tub has been around for hundreds of years... it is timeless. 

But we don't stop there. Our tubs not only provide beautiful aesthetic quality, but also come with added benefits. All of our tubs incorporate 3 modern perks...

Our Acrylicast finish combines 3 materials in one, for a flawless, bright and brilliant shine that offers superior heat retention. Whether you want to soak for fifteen minutes, or fifty, your water will stay warm.

We consider you when crafting our tubs, and that is why each Pelham and White bathtub also incorporates the "Total Immerse" design, which adds extra room, where it's needed the most.

And finally, our EnduraClean technology gives the bathtub the shine and gloss of a brand new tub, for years to come. Scratch and stain resistant and easily wiped cleaned, there is no lack of thought we put into crafting our tubs. 

At Pelham & White, we love bathrooms. Bathtubs in particular happen to be our passion. Crafted to last- with simplicity, elegance, and quality in mind- our tubs will stand the test of time, in both style and durability.