Choosing the right bathtub for your new bathroom decor is important. It is a large feature in your bathroom, and you deserve the perfect fit. So which is better, the clawfoot or the freestanding tub?

The Clawfoot Tub

The clawfoot tub has elegant feet that support it in style, and sculpted legs that emphasize the gracefulness of this lovely bathtub. An antique or vintage charm comes through in the strong but delicate lines of the clawfoot tub, giving a timeless feeling to the room around it. This jewel of a bathroom feature is the ultimate touch for the antique, vintage, country, or cottage decors. This includes most of your European styles, as they are usually based on the rich history of their associated areas.

The Freestanding Tub

The freestanding tub comes straight up from the floor with calmingly smooth line that gives the room an uncluttered elegance. Choose from a pedestal or a freestanding tub to emphasize the graceful charm of simple lines and elegant curves. This beautiful tub is the main event in a bathroom that has a modern, contemporary, or traditional style.

Other Styles

There are several bathrooms styles that embrace either tub with equal enthusiasm. Eclectic, transitional, and shabby chic to name a few. These styles are popular, because of the freedom they give you in combining your favorite aspects of various styles. 

At Pelham & White, we design and manufacture a variety of styles for you to choose from, because no two bathrooms are the same. You will find the perfect stand-alone tub to perfectly compliment your decor, no matter what style you choose for your bathroom. For more information, contact us today.