What can you do with a bathroom to create that vintage and shabby chic look? What kind of furniture fits in with this style of decoration? Many of us see vintage pieces at flea markets and antique stores but we don't know whether they'll fit into a bathroom per se. But there's no reason why you can't decorate your bathroom with many of the same vintage pieces and knickknacks you might use around the house. Here are a few tips:

Side Tables

Side tables or end tables (the kind that people usually have on the sides of their beds) are good for bathrooms too. You can use them to store soaps, jewelry, perfumes etc. So they become like an extension of your vanity, if you have one. You can also spread a little crocheted doily on top of a side table and put a vase of flowers on it.


A little table and chair with a mirror in front can make a cozy vanity area for your bathroom. You can find a table or chair of your choice at a flea market or an antique dealer. Use it to store your makeup, perfumes, jewelry, lotions, creams, deodorants etc. It also looks nice to put a few decorative knickknacks on top of the table—figurines, ceramic containers etc.


You need to have a rug in your bathroom. So you might as well make it an antique-style rug. Sure, you may not want to spoil a real antique rug by stepping on it with wet feet over and over. But you can get an antique-style rug with Persian motifs and it will make your bathroom look a little grand.

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