Whether it is a tiny powder room for guests or the master bathroom of your dreams, there are many details that go into the design elements of a functional and stylish bathroom. Here is a look at some of the major trends consumers are gravitating towards in 2018.


     One of the most important features of a functional bathroom is the sink. Whether you are going for a modern design, a traditional-cottage feel or a transitional blend of both, they really set the tone for the rest of the bath. Recently a mid-century modern vanity of warm medium-tone wood has become trendy although white/neutral vanities are still very much in demand. Square and rectangle shaped under-mounted sinks with clean lines are many designers go-to. Sinks made out of natural materials like concrete are also on the rise. Natural materials and serene, neutral tones have a spa-like feeling that can be very relaxing.


     Bathroom fixtures like the water faucet are becoming architectural features in themselves and convey style while reinforcing the tone of the bathroom. It's no longer just about brushed-nickel or stainless steel anymore. Brass, gold and matte black tones are making a steady comeback. Because more consumers are desiring a minimalist feel, a modern and simple rectangular shape is in fashion. Water saving fixtures are increasing in popularity as people want to save money as well as help the environment. 


     There is a multitude of technological features that can convert a bathroom into a high-end oasis. Some of the most popular requests are for underfloor heating, TVs, sound systems, charging ports or drawer warmers. Even small refrigerators installed underneath the cabinetry are becoming in demand as more people spend time in their baths. High-end toilet features and smart showers make the bathroom feel like a luxurious sanctuary while also improving functionality.

Other Details

     Sometimes a stylish bath is all in the details. Wallpaper, feature walls and uniquely shaped tiles are starting to become on trend. If the bathroom is large enough freestanding furniture like dressers and armoires are becoming interesting architectural features to balance out the neutral color schemes. Small wooden or metal cocktail tables are entering the bathroom for drinks or candles to sit on. Plants are becoming commonplace as natural elements gain traction. Bold textiles and curtains are frequently used to add personality. Finally, using signature artwork is becoming a more utilized design feature, exhibiting the owner's personal aesthetic.

     No matter what style reflects your personal taste, there is a multitude of options that can help a simple bathroom become a tranquil oasis or a serene, stylish space for your guests. For more information about emerging bathroom trends, contact us at Pelham & White.