Yoga and warm baths are both relaxing, and they're even better when you put them together. Try these 5 yoga poses that will soothe and restore your body and mind.

There are many advantages to doing yoga in your tub. The warm water loosens your muscles, and helps you to feel more limber. The sides and bottom of your tub provide a hard surface you can use for leverage. That resistance will help you to stretch further, and go deeper into many poses. Finally, doing yoga in the tub just feels good so you're likely to hold the pose longer with less effort so you get more of the benefits.

At the same time, it's important to stay safe. Avoid standing poses where you could slip, and don't try to stretch beyond your limits. While no props are necessary, you can use a towel and inflatable bath pillows if you find them helpful. Here are 5 poses to start with:

Upavistha Konasana: Doing this Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend in the tub is like doing it against a wall. You won't bend forward as far, but you can press your feet against the walls of the tub to open up your hips more. For most students, that's safer and more beneficial than trying to touch your head to the floor anyway.

Ustrasana: Fight text neck, slouching, and other posture problems that come with desk jobs and smartphones. Camel Pose, a kneeling backbend, will help relieve those aches. If you're a beginner or have trouble reaching your heels, you can rest your hands on the sides of your tub.

Ardha Matsyendrasana: Just like any twisting pose, this seated version is designed to purify so it makes sense to do it while you're cleaning up in the tub. Lengthen your spine as you inhale, and press your hands against the sides of your tub as you exhale to help deepen your twist.

Virasana: Hero Pose relieves tired legs, and makes daily activities like standing and walking more comfortable. Sitting between your knees can be intense so if you feel any discomfort or strong sensation in your knees, sit on your bath pillow to raise your buttocks.

Gomukhasana Arms: The upper body portion of Cow Face Pose is a deep shoulder opener. If you're not comfortable clasping your hands behind your back, you can hold a towel in each hand, and gently pull your hands apart to get a good stretch.

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