A luxury bathtub experience is more than the bathtub. It is an atmosphere of rejuvenation. It is relaxation in a high key. At Pelham & White, we believe our bathtubs will bring much more than cleanliness to your routine. We believe in bringing the luxury spa right into your home.

What is relaxation worth to you?

Everyone gets uptight and stressed out. Life gets hectic. A great bath experience will help preserve your sanity. A luxury bath offers soothing warmth to float away the mental soreness. Follow these relaxing tips to add more comfort and luxury to your bath.


Consider the lighting in your bathroom. Bright, glaring light may not be conducive to comfort. In fact, bright, glaring light can cause headaches. At the same time, a gloomy, dark bathroom may make you too sleepy to fully enjoy the bath. Try experimenting with candles or pulling a curtain around the tub to soften the light source. A dim light, soft and calming, relaxes the eyes and lifts the mood.


The sound of running water, like a small waterfall, triggers a sense of peace and tranquility. When your tub is full, you can recreate the pleasant sound in different ways:

  • keep the water gently trickling in your bathroom sink
  • safely play a relaxing bath water sound on your device somewhere dry
  • use a cup to scoop up water and let it fall back into the tub, over and over and over again (you'll be mesmerized!)


The biggest key to relaxing in the bathtub: leave your everyday thoughts in a pile with your laundry. Reserve special thoughts for your time in the bathtub. Allow beauty to bubble up in your mind as you sink lower in the warm bliss of your bath water. Begin your thoughts the same way each time so you form a habit. You could begin by humming a lullaby to yourself. Or step into the bath and allow your mind to turn toward a happy memory. Hang a special work of art in your bathroom, and let your gaze settle on the loveliness of the picture. After the beginning thoughts, branch out into other pleasant thoughts. Just remember to keep the relaxing in the tub and the stressing outside the tub!

Do you need a new bathtub to bring luxury and relaxation into your home? We would love to help you find the perfect tub. Please contact us today.