Completing a bathroom remodel involves many important decisions. Not only do you have to design the look of your new space, but you also have to make sure you purchase the proper fixtures and hire the right people to do the job. In order to get the most out of your remodel and turn it into a relaxing retreat, be prepared by considering the following:

The Color Scheme

The first thing you should consider for your bathroom remodel is the mood you are looking to capture. Picking the right color scheme for your bathroom will determine what the overall ambiance of your bathroom. If you want a warm and luxurious bathroom, go with dark colors like burgundy, royal blue, or dark brown. If your goal is to have an open and airy bathroom, consider soft colors like white, gray, or cool blue.

The Right Fixtures

New fixtures will be the biggest expense of your bathroom remodel and should be done right the first time around. Pick out your tub first, and then design your sink, cabinets, and other fixtures around this important bathroom centerpiece. Whether you are looking for a chic or vintage clawfoot tub, a modern and elegant pedestal tub, or a clean and contemporary free standing tub, we have the perfect model for you. While working up the fixture design for your new bathroom, consult with an expert plumber to ensure your water lines are in the right place or need to be moved around during construction. 

Accessorizing Your Space

When it comes to accessorizing your new bathroom space, remember that less is more. Try to find functional items to decorate with like glass jars for cotton balls and cotton swabs, decorative towels, scented candles, nicely packaged soaps and body scrubs, and even pump bottles for your lotions. Especially true if your bathroom space is small, you will want to make sure everything in your bathroom has a purpose.

At Pelham & White, we want to help you to make your bathroom remodel experience seamless and fun. We have an assortment of beautiful high-quality tubs that will fit in perfectly with every bathroom design. Whether you would like some design tips and inspiration or have questions about our luxury tubs, contact us today so we can help!