If you're redesigning your master bathroom, consider an ultra-modern style for a chic, new look. Such a design will add significant value and comfort to your home that everyone will love. The three most important choices will be your bathtub, shower, and vanity area.

Bathtub – A freestanding tub is a must for a modern bathroom. Finished on all sides, this type of design looks more like a gorgeous piece of furniture than a bathroom fixture. Select a style large enough for two for the ultimate in luxury. A freestanding tub will become the crown jewel of your ultra-modern master bathroom. Select polished chrome or brushed-nickel hardware to match with your sink faucets and shower hardware. Over the tub, hang a gorgeous chandelier made of crystals with a nickel or chrome finish to complete what will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Shower – You'll want a frameless shower in your bathroom for the best look. Without any metal frames blocking your view, your bathroom will immediately look more spacious. For a super ultra-modern appearance, select a design without a base. Transparent seals will make the shower door and sides watertight. With this look, the shower stall almost seems to disappear, and you can more clearly see the beauty of the floor and wall tiles, along with your shower hardware.

Vanity Area – Select a floating vanity for a modern look. With a floating vanity, the area underneath remains open which will make your bathroom flow better and appear roomier. Tempered-glass sinks that sit atop the vanity will add elegance to your bathroom. Above each sink, install a frameless mirror with built-in LED lights. Select a style that's also fog-free. These types of mirrors are not only gorgeous, but they make life much easier since you won't have to wipe off the mirrors after every shower to see into them.

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