That tub in your bath is for more than getting clean. In fact, bathtubs today are created with relaxation in mind. They are your personal oasis. Daily we are bombarded by stressful situations like deadlines to meet, work, picking up the kids, or running to events. In the hectic that we call life, we are also told to take time for ourselves and above all to relax and relieve stress. How you ask? Easy. A simple end of the day bath routine will help melt the stress away while paving the way for a restorative and blissful night's sleep. Let's see how easy it is.

Start with warm water in your tub

As your tub fills, add a few capfuls of bubble bath. Instead of the bubbles, or in addition to them, put in a few drops of your favorite bath essence or bath oil. Whatever you add to your water, choose a scent that is pleasing to you such as lavender, floral, or musk. Joined with the warmth of the tub water, your bathroom will start to fill with the gentle aroma. This alone starts your relaxation process.

Set a relaxing scene

Next, to complete your relaxing bath experience set out your softest bath towels or bathrobe. Lowering lights, playing gentle music and adding a candle or two help with relaxation, but choose what works for you. Most importantly, close the door, and turn off the phone. This time is your time.

Soak and enjoy

Lie back and take in the experience. If helpful, use a bath pillow or roll a soft bath towel and place behind your neck. Allow your mind to relax, enjoy the warmth and the scents wafting from the bath water. With or without music, try to concentrate on your breathing. Take deeper and slower breaths. Experience all the sensations. Feel the warmth of the water, the contours of the tub, the softness of the pillow or towel behind your neck. If your mind starts to wander to the events of the day or strays to plans for tomorrow, gently urge it to return to the present. Once again concentrate on breathing and experiencing the moment. Aim for 15 to 20 minutes of quiet soaking and relaxation. That is all that is needed to reap the benefits you seek.

Stepping out

When done, reach for your towel or bathrobe and wrap your body in its softness. Before drying off completely, nourish your skin. Gently massaging in a lotion is the final step in your bath routine. Now you can fall into bed, relaxed and ready for a wonderful night's sleep. Sweet dreams.