Because of the time we spend in our bathrooms, they should feel like peaceful retreats. One way to transform your bathroom into a calming space is to add organic elements like live plants and natural-looking accessories.


When you add living plants to your bathroom, the area will feel tranquil and look more inviting. If the room doesn't get much sun, make sure you use fluorescent light bulbs which more closely mimic natural light. Your plants will survive better.

- Consider hanging a Boston fern in the corner above your bathtub. This gorgeous green plant with large green leaves is easy to care for, and it likes the humidity. The color will immediately draw the eye and add life to the room.

- Another good choice is the Peace Lily. This green and white plant doesn't need a lot of care, so it's perfect for anyone who can't spend a lot of time watering or pampering plants. Try displaying your lilies in wall-mounted planters next to your bathtub, where you can admire them while you soak.

- If you have a separate shower stall with a partial wall, consider adding a spider plant on top. The plant will grow down the wall, adding color and interest to the room.


You can also add a few organic decor pieces to your bathroom to give it a natural look and feel. Glass and wood items are good choices and work well in most bathrooms, regardless of your overall decor style.

- Try a glass vase with shells in it. Seashells will add a beach-like look to your bath. A glass bowl with colored rocks also looks lovely and will bring to mind a serene riverbed. Set out bottles of organic bath oils and colored bath salts on one side of your built-in tub. If you have a clawfoot tub, use a glass stand to display the bottles.

- You can also select some bamboo or teak accessories for your bathroom. A bamboo toothbrush holder, cup, soap dish, and lotion bottle will look perfect next to your sink. A teak laundry hamper, small trash can, or a teak corner bench seat in your shower will also bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home.

Including organic elements in your bathroom will make it feel brand new. For additional information about updating your bathroom, please contact us today.