Imagine the last time you stepped into a storefront, only to become immediately enveloped by the ambiance it provided. What was it about the surroundings that captured your attention? Perhaps it was the soothing, sweet trail of a dimly lit candle wafting through the air, or the delicately organic wooden decor that delighted your senses. We often experience such sensory pleasures while offered a service such as a manicure, a haircut, a day of shopping, or an evening dining out. Creating a truly sensory environment- one that incorporates three or more of the senses- is key to ensuring an enjoyable experience. Once you've selected the perfect bathtub for your home, you'll no doubt want to enhance its vintage beauty with carefully curated bathroom decor. Using plants and other organic elements to design a uniquely refreshing bathroom environment is easy, gratifying, and requires little time and maintenance. 

Adding natural elements will artistically complement your vintage inspired clawfoot, pedestal, or freestanding tub. A classic white bathtub is the perfect backdrop for an array of lush foliage and fresh-cut flowers. Not only are plants and other organic elements pleasing to look at- they benefit your health and emotional well-being with very little effort required of you.

As you explore the idea of incorporating such natural elements, begin first with the visual aspect of the bathroom and think about a theme you want to suggest. Introduce low-maintenance, low-to-medium light plants first to create your chosen theme. Ivy is a great plant to start with. The Grape Ivy's dark green, shiny leaves form tendrils that add shape and texture, and are a nod to the nouveau and deco styles of the past. These can either be potted and placed on a narrow pedestal, a bathroom countertop with the edges of the plant overflowing off the edge, hung next to a window or hung from a railing. They require weekly watering and will continue to grow larger with time. English Ivy is a formaldehyde absorber endorsed with the NASA stamp of approval. If your bathroom boasts floor space, try it in a pot so the growth can spread onto the floor, creating a wonderful corner of color, texture, and depth. The Jade Plant is a beautiful low-maintenance succulent that thrives well in large ceramic pots that they can grow into. Their stalks continue to get taller, thicker, and sturdier as the plant produces more rubbery petal-like growths and begins to resemble a small tree. If your bathroom gets a lot of sunlight, Aloe is a great plant for natural air filtration and detoxification. Aloe purifies the air and the gel from its stalks doubles as a first-aid or post-shave treatment, all while resembling a little piece of the desert. Giant Monstera plants add a bit of a tropic flair with large, glassy green leaves. If you have room to spare and want a plant that will grow into a space, this is a good option. They require average light and high humidity, both of which a bathroom provides perfectly. If you seek more than just greenery, cut flowers are a nice temporary addition to your bathroom countertop. Try roses to uplift, lavender to sooth, and peace lilies to purify the air around you. Hint!- you can even hang a bouquet of roses or lavender upside down within hours of cutting to dry and preserve them, so they can be displayed above your bathroom sink later on.

Candles or oil diffusers certainly create an uplifting bathroom environment. To start or end your day lighting a natural, soy based candle or using essential oils to calm your senses as you bathe or shower. Most floral scents like geranium and Ylang-Ylang are soothing and calming, while woody tobacco or vetiver are grounding and the citrusy bergamot or lemon will provide energy.

Other elements you may consider using for your bathroom decor are natural materials or nature-inspired patterns or prints. Various woods, bamboo, rocks, or semi-precious stones are wonderful spa-like influences you can easily use in your bathroom design to create an enviable luxury. Think of every piece of decor, be it a plant or a mirror, as a link to the next, and you'll be well on your way to having a full-time spa in your own bathroom.

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