One of the hottest interior design trends combines the clean, simple lines of modernism with the warmth and handcrafted details of rustic farmhouse decor. This transitional style offers both sophistication and a generous, livable quality.

If you're looking for the perfect element to build your modern farmhouse bathroom, look no further than that icon of bathroom design—the clawfoot tub. This 19th-century classic faded into obscurity as homeowners opted for a more built-in look with hidden fittings. While it was once considered a specialty vintage item for historic properties, the clawfoot tub has experienced a genuine resurgence in farmhouse modern design.

Pelham & White offers a wide selection of clawfoot tubs to match the design of your space. From the timeless and compact Highview clawfoot tub to the large and luxurious double-ended Northfield Collection. Where a standard tub tends to blend into the background, a clawfoot tub makes a signature statement. It stands free of the wall, claiming space and creating visual interest. This freestanding nature allows for some creativity in orientation and placement; you can angle the tub and tuck it into a corner or bring it into the center of the room with a matching freestanding faucet.

When it is time to build your rustic modern masterpiece, you'll have no worries about the weight and installation of your new clawfoot tub. Pelham & White has truly brought the clawfoot into the twenty-first century, using composite fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and a stain-resistant, scratch-resistant surface coating. You can have that classic look with all of the features you expect from a modern tub: anti-slip bottom surface, toe-tap drain, and outstanding heat retention. Contact us today: we'll help make your modern farmhouse bathroom design a reality.