Are you building a new home or renovating your bathroom? If so, no doubt the search for the right design, colors, tile, sink, tub, etc. have been playing through your mind. You've searched online, in magazines and probably have been eyeing the bathrooms of your friends and family a bit more closely for design clues. While going through the process, we'd like to ask one question: Have you considered a clawfoot tub? We know what you are thinking: How will a clawfoot fit in my modern bathroom? Before you discard the idea of a clawfoot, give us a few moments of your time and we'll explain why.

Beauty and Style

It goes without saying that clawfoot has been around for a long time, and with compelling reasons. It is a beautiful tub. Elegant, classy, and a show stopper. Imagine how this tub could become the focal point of your new modern bath. 

Built to please

If you enjoy soaking in a tub after a long day at work, after an arduous exercise class, or just because, then a clawfoot should be a part of your plans. Built deep enough to immerse your whole body and long enough so your knees won't stick out, they please any body type or size. Constructed with our innovative inner heat conducting materials, you can soak for as long as you wish; the water will stay warm.

Easy care

It's called EnduraClean. An EnduraClean finish means that we at Pelham & White utilize high-end acrylic in the construction of our tubs. Years and years of use and your tub will still have a brilliant gloss and shine. EnduraClean means that tubs are easy to clean and they are scratch and stain resistant. 

Fits into any new bathroom design

We have brought the clawfoot tub into the 21st century by building it in a way that is pleasing to our 21st-century customers. The proper size and width, comfortable sloping interiors, and easy cleaning are just a few features. But we didn't stop there. We designed them to be an exquisite piece to incorporate into your modern bathroom. Our slipper style tub with its simple sloping back and gentle curves is a modern design dream. Even the modern cannonball feet are a unique feature for those who wish to maintain a sleek look. The graceful lines of a roll top tub promise that it will fit easily into any design. A modern master bath with a retro look can incorporate a clawfoot to make the whole room pop.

Pelham and White marry modern technology with old-world elegance to create a tub that satisfies the needs of a modern world. We are sure there is a clawfoot in our collection that will fit beautifully into your new bath design. Ready to get started? We are just one click away.