So what will modern bathrooms look like in 2018? The news is that bathrooms are no longer looked at as simply a room at the end of the hall. On the contrary, they are transforming into a private oasis and being outfitted as carefully as your living room or kitchen. Attention is on attractive fixtures and clean lines. Geometric designs especially when it comes to tiles on walls or floors continue. Monochrome colors are trending using varying shades of the same color within the room.

Beyond that, modern life demands the use of innovative materials that last and are easy to maintain. That does not mean boring. On the contrary, that means stylish and fresh. Flooring has to be both water resistant and easy to clean. Sinks, cabinets, and tubs are designed to be real furniture pieces made with the best materials that are again easy to maintain.

Simple, relaxing, stylish.

Whether you are tweaking your current bath, redoing the entire room, or building from scratch, keep in mind some important points made concerning trends for 2018, namely; private oasis, clean lines, attractive fixtures and furniture pieces. Is it any wonder that a clawfoot tub fits in perfectly with a modern bathroom? 

Personal Oasis  The trend is that bathrooms are no longer just functional, but serving as a place to escape. Clawfoot tubs offer a luxurious spa retreat within your own home.

Clean Lines  Our clawfoot tubs are simplicity at their finest. All offer simply curved edges, shiny white surfaces and gently sloped interiors that fit into all bathroom styles. It will be the crowning point of your bathroom.

Attractive Fixtures  The jewel in the crown is the tub faucet fixtures. Offered both vintage and contemporary styles with a choice of lever styles and choice of finish, your modern bath will truly shine.

Furniture Piece  You may never have considered a bathtub as a piece of furniture, but it is. In modern bathrooms, it is as carefully chosen as a living room couch. No longer hidden in the back end of a bathroom, clawfoot tubs are created to be the focal point of a bath. 

Pelham & White believes in quality products and is ready to work with you to find the right tub and fixtures as you design your new modern bath.