As we near the end of the year, the time comes to look forward to 2019 and its possibilities. Perhaps you have planned to build a new home or update your existing one through renovation. Now is the perfect time to observe the emerging bathroom design trends that interior designers and architects predict will pervade in the coming year.

Long-term Trends

Like fashion, interior design has its seasons. Those in interior design and decoration last year-to-year or longer. Unlike fashion, décor trends rely much less on novelties and more on adding lasting value and utility with elegance. Remodeling or redecorating normally occurs on a 15 to 20-year cycle so its trends must last the test of time.

As housing trends move toward tiny houses and compact apartment spaces, the need for minimalist bathroom designs has grown. The latest layouts look to seemingly enlarge a small space. 2019 continues the inclusion of natural materials in bathroom design. Wood paneling and flooring keep growing in popularity. Wood accents and vanities also replace ceramic fixtures and accents to lend warmth. Terrazzo combines marble and quartz in a single tile for a unique, organic look that complements wood.

Storage continues to move off of the floor and onto shelves to open up floor space in small lavatories. Don't confuse 2019's minimalist looks with those of the 1980s and 90s. The new trend adds an organic touch by incorporating woodworking and wainscoting to add elegance and sophistication without utilizing square footage.

Décor Options

Bathroom appliances add to looks and function of the most needed room in the home. Heated towel bars, high-tech toilets, wall mounted televisions, and innovative shower fixtures bring new convenience and efficiency to the bath. The lavatory has become the place to relax and unwind.

Freestanding tubs, like the Pelham & White 54-inch cannonball clawfoot tub, continue to grow in popularity. The trend for these tubs is placement in the center of the room which makes the restroom look larger. This creates a "water space" away from the room's edges. Surrounded by open space, it provides a more relaxing environment.

Europe already implements these design trends. Expect them the cross the pond from Denmark, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom this winter and populate US homes. Contact us to get started on your new bathroom.