Modern home design is all about creating spaces which are both enduring and functional as well as unique to the spirit of the owner. Choosing the correct color palette can balance both the aesthetic and practicality of your bathroom, turning a functional space into your personal oasis.

  1. Baby pink: Baby pink bathrooms were all the rage in the 1950's, making this color worth a second look for any designer hoping to capture a retro aesthetic. Modernize the color by focusing the tone on a vanity or accent wall - black and white tile floors provide the perfect offset for this unique hue.

  2. Indigo: Create an effervescent undersea look by using indigo on your walls. Pair this hue with mother-of-pearl details and sand colored secondary tones to balance indigo's intensity.

  3. Teal: Using a strong hue like teal on floors tiles creates a bold and modern space with a hint of whimsy. Unused to working with such bright color? Consider pairing teal Moroccan floor tiles with concrete walls to create a look that is both modern and worldly.

  4. Black: Nothing says strong and classic like simple black. Knowing when and where to use this tone can transcend aesthetics to create a timeless space. A black bathtub can pair with many overall palettes, and provide the perfect offset for soft or strong hues.

  5. Gold: If your style is classic and decadent, gold is going to  be your go to for bathroom fixtures. Keep gold from looking dated by highlighting its use as an accent, such as on the base of a claw foot tub.

  6. Grey: Understated and simple, grey is the perfect base if you prefer to play up accent pieces. Use copper fixtures to balance out a grey palette and keep your bathroom from looking cold and austere.

  7. Forest green: Bold and moody, forest green walls are taking the design world by storm - perfect for the on-trend homeowner. Balance the intensity of this tone by using light, natural wood tones.

  8. Navy blue: Similar in hue to forest green, navy blue provides a color base that is both strong but still technically neutral, perfect for those balancing classic and trendy designs. Consider pairing this tone with both gold and industrial copper accents for warmth.

  9. Taupe: Perhaps the most classic bathroom color on this list, consider pairing this staple wall tone with a stronger color or patterned accents to create visual interest; this strategy works especially well in a tight space.

  10. Lavender: For a color that is modern and interesting while remaining restful, you can't go wrong with lavender. Consider using this tone on a glass tile backdrop for your vanity as well as your tub and/or shower.