Your home might be a decade old or it might be a century old, but this does not mean it needs to look old. And one of the best ways to renew its look is with an updated bathtub, shower, or bathroom feature. Here a just a few that will do the trick:

Freestanding Bathtubs: Bathtubs have been a staple in bathrooms for as long as they have existed. For the last 50 years, however, the preference has been to have a built-in tub or a whirlpool. This is a fading fad. Most remodelers are being asked to remove these in home renovations and contractors are being asked to not place them in new homes. Homeowners want more room in their bathroom. However, they do still want the luxury of a tub. In order to provide those few extra inches, many are opting for free-standing bathtubs. They are becoming more of a piece of furniture that has a flair of style and can be replaced when decor trends change. 

Double-Head Shower: The trend of double-headed showers has been around for a few years and this trend is only growing. The benefits behind have multiple shower heads are just as numerous. Two people can use the shower at the same time, which can be incredibly time-efficient for a couple with similar schedules. It also lends itself to a bigger shower. Not only is there enough room for both people, but one individual does not have to stand in the cold, waiting for a turn to rinse off. And for those who are concerned about water use, low-flow shower heads can be used so that no additional water is wasted. 

Shower Features: When it comes to showers, though, the biggest trend is variety. It is becoming widely popular to enhance your shower so that it is much more than a small space that sprays water at you. Individuals are embracing additional digital settings that allow them to truly have an experience when they shower. This might be adding a steam function, to turn a shower into a sauna. It could also be a panel that allows you to change the water volume and water pattern so, along with getting clean, you also get a light massage. Other digital features include the ability to change the temperature of the water very precisely, the ability to play music in the shower, and the ability to change the shower lighting.

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