The king of all stand-alone tubs is the large, luxurious 72" bath.  Capable of fitting any and all body shapes, and up to two people at a time, the 72" clawfoot or pedestal bath is the ideal statement-maker for the master bathroom.

Pelham and White Large 72-inch Bathtubs

The King of the Bathroom: 72" Extra Large Bathtubs

At nearly 6 feet long and 40 inches wide, our extra large tubs are some of the biggest in the industry.  Intended for posh master baths, these tubs make a dramatic statement and are such a pleasure to bathe in.  The cliche of "stress melting away" really does apply to these tubs and as such, they've been some our top sellers over the years.

That said, we would be remiss not to share that these tubs are typically too large for the standard bathroom.  As discussed in our article on selecting the correct size tub, you'll need an additional 6 inches in length, and 12 inches in depth, pushing the minimum size space required to 78" x 52".  Given that this is such a large space, we typically recommend a 67" tub or 60" tub for those working within niche spaces.

But if you have the space, we encourage you to strongly consider our king-sized 72" tubs.  You'll thank us once you take that first bath.


Pelham & White Extra-Large 72" Clawfoot and Pedestal Bathtubs