For those of us with 5.5 feet (66 inches) length space for tubs, quite a few more options open up in terms of tub selection (see article for 60" space restrictions).  The reason is simple: 60" clawfoot and pedestal tubs are large enough to make a statement in the bathroom, and are therefore attractive products to interior designers, architects, and homeowners alike.

60" Clawfoot Tubs For 66" Spaces

As discussed in our article on selecting the right size tub, the minimum additional "padding" you'll need for a 60" stand-alone tub is 6 inches.  So for those of us with 66" spaces, 60" tubs are the right choice. 

For those of us that do not have specific length restrictions, 60" tubs are still a common choice because 60" tubs are often aesthetically the right size within the overall square footage of the typical bathroom.  As a rule of thumb, the tub and immediate tub area should fill roughly 30%-40% of the total bathroom square footage.

Pelham & White 60" Clawfoot and Pedestal Tubs