If you love clawfoot tubs but think you don't have the space for one, think again... we've got you covered!  In this article we will explore 60" spaces and the appropriate clawfoot tub for that space.


The Ubiquitous three-wall Alcove Tub

In the US, the most common niche size for bathtubs is 60" in length, typically housing a cheap (or old)  three-wall alcove tub.

There was a day many years ago, when three-wall alcove tubs were the new hot thing in tubs, however their popularity in new construction today is largely due to their ease of installation, not because they look particularly great.

Regardless, those whom want to swap out their 60" alcove tubs often feel forced to replace with another alcove tub, when this is not the case... We have a clawfoot tub specifically designed for those 60" niches.

As discussed in our article on selecting the right size tub for the space you have available, the minimum additional space you'll need at the ends of your future clawfoot tub is 6 inches.  Any less, and the clawfoot tub begins to look awkwardly cramped within the space.  With this in mind, the correct size tub for a 60 inch space would therefore be 54 inches.

The perfect fit: Highview 54" Clawfoot Tub

The Highview clawfoot tub was specifically designed for the aforementioned situation.  At 54" in length, it fits very well in cozy spaces and brings a touch of class to what would otherwise be a very ordinary bathroom.  Furthermore, the tubs of yester-year were all smaller in size, so the Highview doubles as an authentic rendition of the classic clawfoot tub.