Bathroom remodels are an exciting and rewarding experience that add to the overall personality of your home. As the centerpiece of the room, the stand-alone tub will play an important role in the overall ambiance.  A large part of this decision (and half the fun) is deciding which style of tub is right for you. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of each before highlighting their unique attributes. 


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Clawfoot Tubs

Pelham and White Brookdale 60" Clawfoot Slipper Tub

Pelham and White Brookdale 60" Clawfoot Slipper Tub

Long considered a luxury item since the late 1800's, the presence of a clawfoot tub still remains a unique and exquisite focal point in any bathroom .  And with modern materials like  Acrylicast, replacing your existing tub has never been easier. If your new bathroom restoration is going for that classic vintage styling, you'll find that nothing accomplishes that quite like the addition of a clawfoot tub. 


  • A great fit in both vintage and modern styled bathrooms
  • Available slipper design for extended comfort during long bathes
  • Off the ground design showcases plumbing from all directions
  • Wide array of sizes, designs, and finishes, giving you a multitude of creative options
  • Above floor construction opens up the room and creates the illusion of a more spacious environment


Pedestal Tubs

Combining vintage looks with a touch of modern sleekness, the pedestal tub is the go to choice for those seeking the eclectic transitional styling that many find so popular today.  Unknown to most, the pedestal tub embraces the exact same design as our clawfoot model, but with the mere substitution of a plinth base. This unique feature adds an appealing hourglass figure that is particularly uncommon to most bathrooms thus providing an individual touch differing from the everyday norm. 

pedestal tub benefits:

  • Transitional design compliments both modern and vintage style bathrooms
  • Plinth base eliminates the need to clean under tub
  • Hides majority of plumbing to provide a "cleaner" look
  • Available in sizes up to 72" making bathing comfortable for both tall individuals and couples alike
Pelham and White Eastchester 72" Pedestal Tub

Pelham and White Eastchester 72" Pedestal Tub


     Freestanding Tubs

Pelham and White Newcastle 67" Freestanding Tub

Pelham and White Newcastle 67" Freestanding Tub

Typically larger in length and stature, the freestanding tub is a  perfect choice for those seeking long deep soaks. Its size provides single occupants a spacious and indulgent bathe, while providing couples a remarkably unrestricted environment.  Smooth lines and a full apron provide an enticing view from all angles, making this impressive tub a great pick for those who wish to compliment their contemporary tastes. 


  • Distinct modern styling
  • Floor application eliminates the task of cleaning underneath
  • Couples nicely with contemporary faucets
  • Large consistent design make 2 person bathes comfortable
  • 24" depth for a relaxing deep soak