Only the Best Materials

As we looked to develop a better bathtub, one of our highest priorities was the material construction.  Cast iron is frigid cold and chips if anything heavy is ever dropped into the tub.  And while acrylic is a phenomenal material that is warm and will never chip, the hollow acrylic tubs found in the marketplace lack the solid, permanent "feel" we liked of cast iron.  We wanted a material that offered the best of both worlds.


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Acrylicast: The Best of Both Worlds

 Acylicast is comprised of high-end (cross-linked polymer) acrylic that is reinforced with a proprietary fiberglass & resin compound.  Then, the center chamber is  filled with another proprietary composite that resembles concrete, but is significantly lighter in weight.

The resulting material construction is therefore three materials in one, offering the brilliant finish, superior heat retention, and inviting warmth of acrylic, with the strength we like so much of cast iron. 

At 110 to 150 pounds, Acrylicast bathtubs are indeed heavier than standard acrylic tubs, but no where near as heavy as cast iron or stone tubs, making job-site transport and install just a two man job.