Creating elegance in a small space presents a challenge. Remodeling to update a small bathroom or adding a small bath to an existing home takes ingenuity. You can easily create an elegant space within tiny dimensions though.


Make a list of what you want to fit in your new powder room. Decide whether you need a full or half bathroom. While a half bath may seem easier, you gain more resale value out of a full bathroom. You can achieve a full bathroom in as little as a 5' x 8' or 5' x 10' space without feeling cramped, if you do it right.

Draw your room dimensions or use an online room designer to let you create a plan. Place your floor space items. This includes your bathtub, toilet and sink at a minimum for a full bath. You'll need the dimensions of the items you want to use, too.


You don't need to sacrifice elegance in a small space because even dream bathroom items like clawfoot tubs come in sizes to fit a tiny bathroom. Pelham & White offers a series of clawfoot tubs designed for a 5 feet space. You need a total of 60 inches to accommodate its 54-inch (54") tub. The Highview line offers four options that let you choose from traditional claw and ball feet or the more modern cannonball feet in nickel or chrome.

Another savvy space saver, the pedestal sink, adds a sophisticated element. These require much less space than a cabinet sink.

Choose an oval-shaped toilet over round or square. You'll save space and complement the shape of the pedestal sink and the clawfoot tub. This lends a cohesiveness to the design.

Move the storage space you lose from the cabinet sink off the floor and onto the walls. Place shelves above the toilet and the sink. These provide ample space for toiletries and towel. They also let you use towels and wash cloths as a décor element.

Décor Tips

Décor also contributes to reducing a cramped feeling in a small bathroom. Embrace these decorating tips into your new lavatory space.

1. Paint the walls a light, neutral color. They'll reflect light and cause the space to feel larger. Enhance this by painting the molding and trim a lighter color.

2. Include a window to capture natural light. It adds the illusion of more space. If you have no window and cannot add one, use light fixtures to create faux natural light.

3. Use one large item like a piece of art or mirror to create a focal point in the room.

4. Choose towels in bright, complementary colors to your wall paint. Roll the towels to fit more on the shelf and to lend a pop of color to the room.

5. Install towel hooks, not bars. You'll save space and retain function.

You can have your elegant dream bathroom despite a small space. You don't have to sacrifice beauty in the bathroom. Even a 5' x 8' space can house unique fixtures like a clawfoot tub. Contact us for advice and fixtures to fit your remodeling needs.